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Be very thankful, our water is fine

It may be the biggest understatement of all time, but here is a newsflash for you: Water is important. Read more

Gun control debate belongs at state level

Too many people are turned off and tuned out to the overheated rhetoric of our national and even state-level politics. Read more

Medicaid pharmacy carve out the right solution for Kentucky taxpayers

By Don Kupper Read more

There’s hope you can beat your addiction

By Vivian Blevins Read more

Tobacco law doesn’t do nearly enough to control problem

You may have already seen the signs up at gas stations: It is now illegal to sell tobacco or e-cigarette products to anyone under the ... Read more

China tribunal documents selling organs of religious groups

By Harold Pease Read more

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: Read more

Another piece to the addiction puzzle: economic development

Economic development is often seen as a way to boost quality of life. Bringing more economic activity to an area is touted as a way ... Read more

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: Read more

In Recovery: Part One

By Vivian Blevins Read more

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