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Winter tree pruning

Winter is a good time to prune most trees because they are dormant and their leaves are off, making it easier to see how the ... Read more

Today in History

Today is Tuesday, Jan. 15, the 15th day of 2019. There are 350 days left in the year. Read more

Get the flu vaccine

It’s time to get the flu vaccine if you haven’t already. Read more

Walking with God one step at a time

It’s a brand new year, and I hope it will be filled with health and happiness for all of us. I realize there are many ... Read more

MLK had a dream

I was in Memphis in the very early 1980s and had done the obligatory tourist sightseeing between my professional meetings: To Graceland where I had ... Read more

Saving the best for someone else

I can go through my house and pull the best towels out of the linen closets, the best comforters out of cupboards, the best dishes ... Read more

Roth vs. traditional 401(k): Which is right for you?

For many years, employees of companies that offered 401(k) plans only faced a couple of key decisions – how much to contribute and how to ... Read more

The most important political address of 2018

The United States is quickly becoming divided into the globalists and the patriots. They are at total war against each other. Since they are ideologically ... Read more

Winter can be a great time to feed, enjoy the birds

As winter approaches, many birds change some of their eating habits. I am reminded of the late Jim Morgan of WHLN radio and his words ... Read more

Kentuckians deserve balanced discussion of worker safety

Earlier this year, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued its fiscal year 2017 Comprehensive Federal Annual Monitoring and Evaluation Report, a semi-annual review ... Read more

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