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Sticks, stones, and words

By William H. Baker Read more

Graduation time in America

By Glenn Mollette Read more

Primary candidates trying to attract voters with largely irrelevant, misleading arguments

By Al Cross Read more

Legislature keeps momentum in commitment to overhaul foster, kinship care programs

By David Meade Read more

Things to consider if you want to produce your own eggs

By Stacy White Read more

Mother’s Day: The time to remember the importance of moms

This Sunday is a day that is often marked on everyone’s calendar. It’s a day to celebrate those who brought us into this world and ... Read more

May: A month for moms and memories

By Dr. William H. Baker Read more

Celebrate Mother’s Day

By Glenn Mollette Read more

A look at Kentucky’s political landscape

By Al Cross Read more

Am I saving enough for retirement?

Making the decision to retire has huge financial implications. With the rising cost of living, increased medical costs and longer life expectancy, it is not ... Read more

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