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Sports betting would be a good gamble to take

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for states to allow betting on sporting events across the board in 2018, there’s been high ... Read more

House bills head to Senate, committees continue work

By Adam Bowling Read more

Don’t sell our state’s soul to fix potholes

When does advertising go too far? Read more

Don’t forget to schedule a mammogram

By Vivian Blevins Read more

Public records must remain accessible for all

I believe in a transparent, open government. Every U.S. citizen has the right to easy access of the actions performed by our governmental agencies. This ... Read more

Time to start treating drug addiction as a health issue, not a crime

With rising inmate populations and crumbling prison infrastructure depleting the state of much-needed funding, it is time to stop treating drug addiction as a crime ... Read more

Health care costs remain problematic for many across U.S.

According to a new study, a third of rural adults struggle to pay their medical and dental bills. Read more

Is marijuana legalization the answer to economic woes?

For one state representative from Eastern Kentucky, legalizing recreational marijuana is an economic issue, not a moral one. Read more

Legislative update: General Assembly convenes for 2020 session

By Adam Bowling Read more

Greater awareness needed to prevent human trafficking

Human trafficking has become a huge problem in this country – and across the world, for that matter – and although we will probably never ... Read more

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